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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm starting to like this guy

Mitt Romney:
"And then the Speaker of the House helped dignify a state sponsor of terror. At this time of war, her action stands as one of the most partisan, divisive and ill-considered of any national leader in this decade."

He forgot to mention illegal, but I will let it slide. Maybe he didn't read that article.

"Running away from Iraq now would embolden our enemies, giving them the sanctuary they need to plan more devastating attacks against our country. In this difficult time, some in Congress are trying to deny our troops the resources they need. This is a grave error. We need to rally behind the effort, and support our men and women in uniform in this time of war."

Romney also pointed out the fact that the U.S. military had declined during the Clinton administration, and he called for expanding the military by 100,000 troops.


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