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Friday, April 20, 2007

Punks on Capitol Hill

I have no more respect for Alberto Gonzales. I have no respect for the republicans who rebuked him. And Pat Leahy, who runs the Judiciary Committee, has no respect for the law.

In what appeared to be a WWE pay-per-view, white trash protesters armed with signs and low IQs were allowed to scream and yell during a hearing on Capitol Hill. Granted, the fact that this hearing was even taking place is a direct violation of the Constitution. So I guess I'm not that surprised to find out that a bunch of pathetic morons were allowed to roam around the room while the hearing took place.

A number of accusations were tossed at Gonzales, yet not one person had the ability to produce evidence of any kind of violation. Not one. The fact that there was no evidence of any kind of violation leads any intelligent person to believe that this is yet another in a long list of treasonous attacks upon the President during a time of war. Treason is punishable by death. Gonzales is required by the Constitution of the United States to arrest everyone of those idiotic punks who questioned him. They are to be tried for treason. The fact that he refuses to carry out this duty angers every person in the US who actually cares for their country.

At the very least, he should have limited his answers to one brief statement. "Members of the Committee, under the law, U.S. attorneys are hired and fired by the president; no public or private explanation is needed. You can all go fuck yourselves"

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