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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Completely Worthless Immigration Reform

As the Senate continues to debate the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, the American people are rapidly becoming aware of the details of the bill. As has been the case over the past several years, most Americans do not favor giving amnesty to over 12,000,000 illegal immigrants. The administration and the congressional proponents of the bill claim that it will not provide amnesty but it will give these hard working people a path to citizenship.

Carlos Gutierrez, Commerce Secretary, and Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary, were the administration’s representatives during the closed door negotiations with members of both political parties for the writing of the bill. Both Secretary’s met with the USA Today editorial board to discuss the new immigration bill. Chertoff asserts that it is impossible to deport all of the illegal immigrants and that if we do not pass something now that millions of families will be without any way of becoming legal. Gutierrez’ comments are a bit more telling. He stated that it was a way to bring more workers into the U.S. workforce.

Chertoff’s comments begs the question, When have we tried to enforce the existing immigration laws and allowed the border patrol to do their job? Why is now the only time to handle this problem? With the federal, state, and local governments’ past history of willingness of enforcing the existing laws, who really believes that the new laws will ever be enforced?

Gutierrez’ statements shed some sunshine on a new tactic to expand the size of government and increase the taxpayer rolls. Is this the new plan to “fix” Social Security? Most of these “undocumented” workers are using stolen social security numbers and are paying into social security. Wasn’t that one of the myriad of reasons why we needed to grant them all amnesty?

Senator Mel Martinez, the General Chair of the Republican National Committee, stated that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill has the potential to save the GOP. Mr. Martinez fails to realize that the illegal immigration problem is not a republican or democratic problem, it is an American problem that needs to be addressed in a manner that will improve our homeland security and our border security.

Senator Ted Kennedy has been involved with immigration reform since 1965 when he managed that legislation on the Senate floor. He was a pivotal player in the 1986 version of reform. Once again, Teddy is heavily involved in the most recent version of immigration reform. Each time the debate heats up over immigration, Kennedy is first on the scene to handle the situation and solve the problem. The 1986 reform package led to amnesty for over 3,000,000 illegal immigrants and Kennedy and others led us to believe that this was necessary to stop illegal immigration. 20 years later and the numbers have grown four times and this time they are sure that they can fix the problem.

I believe the Republican support is coming from the business interest in cheap labor and the administration’s desire for more taxpaying workers. This thinking is flawed in that, the current illegal workers, work cheaply because of their illegal status. Once they are granted amnesty and become legal workers, they will immediately demand higher wages and benefits. The tax issue has already been covered. These illegal workers already have stolen social security numbers to pay into the system. I believe the Democrats support is based solely on the belief that these illegal immigrants will vote along the Democratic party line once they attain legal status.

Our elected representatives in Washington are playing a political game with the security of our border and our country. Where in this bill is the solution to border security? They have spent a great deal of time debating ways to enable the illegal immigrants to “come out of the shadows”, but how do they propose to prevent another 40,000,000 or 50,000,000 illegal immigrants from crossing into our country? I believe that if this legislation is passed, the $5000 fine will be waived or forgotten, and 20 years from now we will be debating what to do about the 50,000,000 illegal immigrants living and working in our country.

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