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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Sure This Will Work Just Fine

From FoxNews

WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats were nearing a deal Tuesday on a sweeping immigration overhaul that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at legal status but strictly limit future arrivals from staying in the U.S.

The proposed agreement would allow illegal immigrants to come forward and obtain a probationary "Z visa" and — after paying fees and fines of up to $5,000 and returning to their home countries — ultimately try for permanent residency, which could take between eight and 13 years. The process couldn't begin until border security improvements and a high-tech worker identification program were completed.

Angry editors note.

Oh sure, this will work. We will just tell the people who are already here illegally to go home and come back later. I'm sure that they will jump right in, pay all their fines, and go back to Mexico for 8 years.

This is what we call "Legislation for legislation's sake"

Congress has no right discussing immigration reform until AFTER they properly secure the border and complete the process of removing as many illegal aliens as possible.

The end of the article quotes Trent Lott as saying we need immigration reform, but he doesn't want to pass a bad bill. Hey Trent, how about Congressional reform instead? You didn't learn anything last year when the angry Republicans decided not to show up and vote? Secure the border. Stop letting illegals and terrorists into our country.

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