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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sarin Gas and Gulf War Syndrome

If you served in the Gulf War, you need to take a look at this article at Military Times.

Study: Sarin at root of Gulf War syndrome

By Kelly Kennedy - Staff writer
Posted : Saturday May 26, 2007 15:59:15 EDT

As benefits administrators, officials and politicians argue the worthiness of studies on Gulf War syndrome, researchers say they have no doubts that they’ve found the root of the problem.

Sarin gas.

And they have advice for as many as 300,000 troops exposed to small doses of sarin in 1991: Don’t use bug spray, don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol.

“Don’t do anything that would aggravate a normal, healthy body,” said Mohamed Abou-Donia, a neurobiology scientist at Duke University who conducted two studies for the Army.

Research released in early May showed that 13 soldiers exposed to small amounts of sarin gas in the 1991 Gulf War had 5 percent less white brain matter — connective tissue — than soldiers who had not been exposed. A complementary report showed that 140 soldiers who were exposed had the fine motor skills of someone 20 years older — what researchers called a “direct correlation” to exposure.

A list of units exposed to sarin in the 1991 Gulf War is online.

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