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Monday, May 28, 2007

This Is What A Dictator Looks Like

I'm sure we all remember the pictures of Cindy Sheehan and Danny Glover hugging and damn near making out with Hugo Chavez. I'm also sure that you have read the numerous stories telling of the current attempt by George Bush to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship.

Well kids, this is what it actually looks like when a leader turns into a dictator. Hugo has now shut down a television station that spoke out against his up and coming regime. I'm wondering how many leftists in the US will speak out against this action. My guess is that they won't. They are busy spreading false rumors about Bush building secret prisons and trying to shred the Constitution. They can't provide any evidence of course, but that doesn't stop them. In the meantime, a madman just to the south of here continues to turn Venezuela into a communist dictatorship. He continues to work with Iran to train terrorists who sneak into the US through our unsecured border. Please, continue to focus on the fascism of Bush. Spend your money watching Mikey Moore’s newest propaganda film supporting communism. Continue to lie and spread propaganda. Hugo needs all the support he can get, and he appreciates getting it from you.

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