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Monday, June 18, 2007

Amnesty Equals No Dollars.

What a GREAT day I had today. My mother is in town for a few weeks and decided to have her mail temporarily forwarded to our house. So today in the mail is two wonderful little items, her renewal fees for the GOP and a card from President Bush trying to get additional donations and a birthday card we were supposed to fill out and send back to him.

Yeah, I filled it out.

You will have to excuse me, Spanish isn't really my thing, but the card went something like this.

"El Presidenta. Gracias for the social security. Signed, Hector from venezuala."

I was really tired and didn't have the brain power to think up a bit more, or to actually check my spelling.

Oh yeah, two different forms that were asking for money. Well, I took some advice from a
Michelle Malkin archive.

Yeah, It was a great day today.

Note: The above scan is not mine. I am using it as the example of what I did. The above was sent to Malkin from one of her readers.

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