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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Capitol Hill's Deaf Ears

My guide began to tell me of the hundreds of faxes Congressman Saxton’s office receives daily related to the Immigration bill; a stack of faxes “two or three inches deep,” she remarked. But she assured me that the three inch stack was nothing compared the quantity of faxes her fellow aides said were being received by those Senators directly associated with the Immigration Compromise.

Naturally I had to ask what Congressman Saxton thought of the near 500 faxes a day he was receiving from Americans who felt betrayed by their representation. Her reply was that the faxes were immediately recycled and that the Congressman never sees them.

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I want to make a new holiday. I want it to be called "Punch your Congress-Person in the Teeth for not Listening" day. If we discover that the they are completely ignoring the will of the people who put them into office, we get to line up and punch them in the mouth. I think I will fax this suggestion to Mel.

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