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Monday, August 20, 2007

carnival of political punditry - August 19, 2007

Welcome to the August 19, 2007 edition of carnival of political punditry. I'm a little out of it today so I won't be doing any commentary. I did take a look at the articles and they are certainly up to par. Far Left, Far Right, and everything in between.

joetab24 presents Rights posted at My Thoughts, saying, "This article discusses the nature of rights."

Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah presents Africa, 1999 posted at Koranteng's Toli, saying, "Get to know your local strongman."

Sammy Benoit presents Barak Obama IS black enough But he ISN'T Smart enough ! posted at YID With LID.

Lucynda Riley presents Americans unhappy about inflation and Bush is shocked!!! posted at The Traveling Man.

mcmorlod3 presents Presidential Election 2008 posted at Election 2008, saying, "This post allows you to comment on the upcoming 2008 presidential election..."

Scholars & Rogues presents Rudy Giuliani: Everything you hate about Bush, and worse posted at Scholars and Rogues.

The Daily WTF presents Tribute to Rove: The Top Five Karl Quotes posted at Daily WTF, saying, "A sarcastic, satirical, and fantastically witty look back on Karl Rove's best moments, from a blogger who's a little bit of Jon Stewart, a little bit of Stephen Colbert, a little bit of Bill Maher, and a whole lot of cynical towards the current state of America's political system."

Shaheen Lakhan presents Implications of War in Northern Uganda on Mental Health posted at GNIF Brain Blogger.

Ian Welsh presents Jose Padilla, née Winston Smith, Found Guilty posted at The Agonist, saying, "Padilla's trial was an Orwellian parody of justice. Finding guilty a man who has been systematically tortured to the point of delusion, to the point of being unable to cooperate in his own defense, is nothing to celebrate. It was the justice system and American ideals on trial here, and they tragically, tragically lost. We all lost."

phil F. presents NY State Watch: Spitzer Perseveres Bruno Bullying posted at e-news daily.

Phil B. presents The World Needs a Stronger International Police « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "Your local neighborhood has a police force, your town has a police department, and even your country is policed, so why is there no one to police the world?"

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