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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Panic In Massachusetts

The Health Care Reform bill is continuing to plummet in the polls as more and more information is revealed to the public. The Democrats have refused to listen to the American people on virtually every issue that has arisen over the past year. As a result, they have lost the Governor races in Virginia and New Jersey, and now the U.S. Senate seat that was occupied by Teddy Kennedy of Massachusetts is now poised to be won by a Republican.

Republican Scott Brown has closed in the polls against Democrat Martha Coakley. Two weeks ago, Brown trailed in the polls by nine points, but Coakley’s ineptitude and the growing discontent with the horrendous policies of the Democrats in Washington D.C. have turned the tide of public opinion to the point where Brown leads in some polls and is tied in others.

The prospect of losing a “safe” Senate seat in Massachusetts has caused an all out panic within the Democrat party. The Democrat National Committee has had pour money into Massachusetts in hopes of saving the seat and ultimately their plans for destroying our health care system. If Brown wins next week, he will effectively kill the prospect of passing the current bill that is being worked out in conference. I believe that the type of fraud on display in Minnesota last year will be pulled out again if this race remains close after Tuesday’s special election. We will again hear of boxes of ballots “found” in the trunks of election workers cars. The Democrats know what is at stake in this election and they will stop at nothing, legal or illegal, to ensure that Coakley wins that race.

The Massachusetts race is highlighting the discontent with the extreme lack of representation in Washington D.C. The American people have watched Congress spend $1.4 trillion in deficit spending, bailout automotive companies and banks, pass legislation that will destroy our health care system and hamstring our economy, and pass a stimulus bill that has caused our unemployment rate to climb above 10%. The voting public is fed up with our elected representatives ignoring our wishes to blindly follow their party leadership steer our country toward ruin.

2010 will be a remarkable year. The politicians that have played a part to the budgetary idiocy of the past year are in for a very rude awakening in November. I believe there are no safe seats in the midterm elections. Every seat is available to won by a citizen legislator. Voters are tired of career politicians who seek only to extend their power and their careers, instead of actually representing their constituents and following the Constitution. 2008 was the year of “Hope and Change”. 2010 will be the year “We the people” change the Congress.


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