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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The ACLU attacking Bibles at a school

The ACLU is again attacking free speech and freedom of religion. According to the Liberty Counsel, the ACLU is seeking legal action to prevent a group from distributing literature at a public school in St. Louis, MO. The School District has had a long-standing open access policy that allows many groups to present literature and information to students at District schools. Groups that pass out literature include the Army Corps of Engineers, Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Iron County Health Department, Missouri Water Patrol, Missouri Highland Healthcare, and Union Pacific Railroad. But now that a group of Gideons has decided to pass out Bibles, the ACLU has suddenly decided that the policy is flawed. Once again, their twisted version of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution is freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion.
Read all about it here.
And sign the petition against the ACLU here.


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