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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Congress and Israel to Pelosi - "Shut Up!"

The historical train wreck that is the House Speaker. Historical because Pelosi is the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. A train wreck because she is trying to negotiate with terrorists by lying to them.

While talking to one of the world's biggest terrorists, Pelosi communicated a message from Prime Minister [Ehmud] Olmert to one of the world's biggest terrorists that Israel was ready to engage in peace talks.

There was one tiny little issue. Olmert never said anything like this to Pelosi. His office issued a statement that seemed to carry a different tune.
Before conducting peace negotiations, the statement said, "Syria must cease its support of terror, cease its sponsoring of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, refrain from providing weapons to Hizbollah and bringing about the destabilizing of Lebanon, cease its support of terror in Iraq, and relinquish the strategic ties it is building with the extremist regime in Iran."

Back home, a GOP aide was accused of saying that he wished Nancy Pelosi would stay in Washington.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is a terrorist. The White House refuses to talk to him because he is a terrorist and will not talk to him until he refrains from acting like a terrorist. Whether this is a sound strategy or not can be debated forever. What cannot be debated is that Pelosi has no business putting a monkey wrench in the foreign policy strategy put forth by the White House. Congress doesn't make foreign policy, the President gets to do that. Negotiating with terrorist nations is not good policy. Telling the planet that the Speaker of the House doesn't care what the President thinks about foreign policy is a horrible idea. She has told the world this week that the United States is not united in its stand against terrorism. Telling a terrorist that the country he is terrorizing is willing to hold peace talks is, well, to be honest, it is exactly what I expected from someone like Nancy Pelosi.

Just for fun, click here and take a look at this wonderful snapshot. Reminds me of the picture of Rumsfeld and Saddam shaking hands back in the 80s. Well, except of course for the fact that Iraq was not on the terrorist list at that time.



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