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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Good News in the War Against Terror

Here are some great and wonderful things regarding the Global War Against Terror that didn't make the MSM. The MSM leader, the New York Times, was busy with their data mining project.

Appeal for Courage is presented to Congress. Foreign and Domestic has the updates.

Dick Cheney, unlike Speaker Pelosi, talks to Gen. Petraeus. It's all part of the VP's mid-east concert tour.

Pat Dollard, also known as a Great American Patriot, posts another letter from another Marine. It details some of the great progress made in Iraq. "I’m definitely proud of what my marines accomplished here. Ramadi is a newplace. We went from daily firefights for the first 5 months to not a singlehostile shot fired/IED attack in the last six weeks."

Iranian women are getting more and more angry at their pathetic regime. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad loses more support as more Iranians are concerned that his actions will lead to a war with the U.S.

The Mudville Gazette has its May 09 update on progress in Iraq.

Update: Humanevents.com has more info on the Appeal for Courage Petition here.


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