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Friday, May 4, 2007

It's always our fault

Soldiers in Cuba hijacked a US bound plane in an attempt to flee their country Thursday. MSNBC has the story. The Interior Ministry blamed US policies that encourage Cubans to emigrate to the US and Washington's tolerance of violence against Cuba.

It's our fault that we are better than you? To be honest, it isn't difficult to be better than Cuba. If I owned an island somewhere, it would be better than Cuba on accident.

I have seen a million ‘blame the USA’ stories the past decade or so. But to blame us when your own people try to escape from your country? How do they think this stuff up, and how do they get the balls to say it?

“The responsibility for these new crimes lies with the highest-ranking authorities of the United States, adding to the long list of terrorist acts that Cuba has been the victim of for nearly half a century,” the ministry statement on Thursday said.

Let me get this straight. Your soldiers hijack a plane in an attempt to get the hell away from you, so you accuse the US of terrorism. Our crazy policies like freedom and capitalism turn your people into terrorists?

The good news is that someone did have something to say that wasn’t completely insane. Frank Calzon, head of the Center for a Free Cuba told the AP that this was due to increased frustration with Castro by Cuban youth.
“The level of desperation of young Cubans is at an all-time high because the Cubans in both Cuba and off the island were hoping that the rule of Mr. Castro would come to an end. People can put up with a lot of things as long as they think things will get better.
“I am afraid there will be more bloodshed in Cuba if the regime does not take more steps to deal with the growing unrest. That’s not necessarily to give up power, but there are some things the regime could do overnight such as allow those Cubans with money to patronize the hotels, clinics and restaurants set aside for foreigners.”



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