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Monday, April 30, 2007

How Green of the democratic candidates

According to an AP report by Jim Kuhnhenn, the DNC went green for their first debate of the political season. And when I say they went green, I mean they spent a ton of cash.
They all took separate flights, none of which were commercial. They didn’t pool, they didn’t share.

Now Jim goes on to discuss the different rules regarding how much of the money has to be paid by the candidates when they charter. But I’m more concerned about the emissions.

One of the raving issues amongst these raving candidates is Global Warming. Yet they all flew separately, no one went commercial. They chartered their flights, I’m guessing they wanted to be alone to write up their answers to possible questions. Not that this makes much sense really. I mean, how different were their statements? Bush is bad. War is bad. I’ll end this war. Bush can end the way with a stroke of his pen. Global warming is, uh, bad too which is why everyone should sacrifice expect me. I mean, the anti-Bush mantra worked so well in 2004, might as well try it again. I’m sure they all talked about universal health care too. By the way, did you guys know that Kucinich owns a gun? Isn’t owning a gun a pretext to shooting someone Mr. Kucinich?

So how do we explain this? How is it that the candidates from the party doing all the talk about global warming can’t even fly commercial or maybe just share a chartered jet? Better yet, why not just have all the debate in D.C.? That would save all sorts of emission!

I do need to make one correction. I am wrong on one point and I do apologize. Not everyone chartered a private flight to the debate. Biden refused to charter a flight. He has his own jet and doesn’t need to charter.



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