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Friday, June 8, 2007

And the Winner Is...

By The New Pundit
According to John Hawkins of rightwingnews.com, the phone calls and petitions against the shamnesty bill may be having an influence.

"I asked my source if his boss has been hearing from his constituents on this bill and what the for and against ratio was. He said that they have received thousands and thousands of calls and the ratio was something like 95%-98% against the bill."

According to the same article, it looks like part of the reason this bill wont make it is Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. I am thinking of moving there just to vote for him next time he is due.

Apparently, DeMint led the charge to add amendments to the bill that would require border security be in place before shamnesty is allowed and would require illegal aliens to have private health insurance in place before they can receive a Z visa. These two amendments posed a problem for Reid and others, and for a very obvious reason. They make too much sense. These amendments would be completely unfair to the people who have broken the law by sneaking across the border and using fake identification to take low-skilled jobs away from our current welfare recipients. They would be really fair to the hard working people who are legal citizens of this country, but as we all know, these people and their opinions are being left out of the entire process by the shamnesty supporters.

Reid and company did not want these amendments to be discussed or voted upon because they would put a huge strain on the charge to destroy our country. They would basically make the heart of the bill completely worthless because the point of this bill is to allow shamnesty to a bunch of criminals without requiring them to do much of anything in return. All of this led to a whole mess of D.C. insanity and basically stalled the bill altogether and may actually kill it, God-willing.

In the meantime, Jim DeMint is the winner of a brand new award. He is the recipient of the "Coolest Person In Congress At The Moment" award.

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