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Thursday, June 7, 2007

They Never Rest; More Crazy Propaganda from the Huffington Post

by The New Pundit

I should go to that site to get all of my material. It has been less than a week since I discussed the propaganda that was written about the JFK plot. Well, not only is there more of it straight from the Huff herself, but there are no less than two articles in support of Saddam Hussein. Yes, I said Saddam Hussein. It seems that they are not aware of the fact that the man is dead. Two articles at the Post are making a bad attempt at smearing Mitt Romney, while showing support for the former terrorist regime of Hussein. They are in addition to an article from Arianna explaining to us that the JFK plotters were not an actual threat because they did not have the financing or the weapons. Arianna, they didn't get the financing or the weapons because they were arrested before they could get these things accomplished. Just so you know, it is a bit more difficult to get this accomplished because of the fact that the NSA intercepts telephone communications from known terrorist organizations overseas. And their plan to blow up the pipeline could have been greatly improved upon once they made contact with monetary resources. While searching for the resources, they could have easily run across people who would have had more knowledge on the science needed to take out the entire pipeline. But we don’t expect someone like yourself to actually thank the authorities for preventing this disaster.

But I made enough mention of the JFK plot in another post. Today I want to talk about the Saddam supporters. Apparently Mitt made some crazy remark about Saddam kicking out UN weapons inspectors, and that it was this action that led to the war. Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that Saddam did in fact kick weapons inspectors out of Iraq multiple times from 1997 to 2002. Well, according to Larry Beinhart and Paul Begaga, you are absolutely wrong. You are living in a mad, mad world and stepping in shit.

Now I'm sure that if they were called out, they would try to clarify by stating that they were mostly referring to the fact that Saddam did in fact let inspectors back into the country in 2002. But they would need a lot of clarification because they both intentionally try to get around exactly what happened. They fail to mention how many times in 2002 Iraq rejected UN resolutions regarding inspections. They fail to mention how the inspectors were treated when they were allowed into the country. They fail to mention that Saddam and his thugs did everything possible to keep the inspectors at bay. They pay no attention to the timeline leading up to the liberation of Iraq from a terrorist regime led by Saddam and his two child raping brats. Well, ok, only one of his brats was constantly raping children.

In March 2002, Iraqi officials met with UN officials for the first time since 1998. This is done only after President Bush talks about Iraq in his 2002 SOTU address. UN officials fail to win the return of inspectors at this meeting or the two meeting that occur in May and July. It is not until September of 2002 that Saddam sends a letter to the UN allowing inspections, and even then he does not agree to the rules until October.

In January 2003 Hans Blix filed an update with the UN. In it he describes a lack of cooperation from the Iraqi government that includes actual harassment of the inspectors by Iraqi government officials. He mentions that he is not being given access to interview 3,100 different scientists to fill in gaps from missing records. He mentions the fact that numerous weapons and chemical agents remain unaccounted for. This list includes 1,000 tons of chemical agents from the Iraq-Iran war, 6,500 chemical rockets, 8,500 liters of anthrax, and 650kg of bacterial growth. He finds that Iraq possesses thiodiglycol, a precursor of mustard gas. Iraq had been developing missiles that went beyond the range allowed by sanctions. And to finish things off, they found that 380 rocket engines were smuggled into Iraq the previous month with chemicals used for missile propellants and control systems. This means that as late as December 2002, Iraq was creating and smuggling the very weapons they were not allowed to possess. For those keeping score, this is in fact the part of the justification for the war.

There is something here that is very important, and I don’t want anyone to miss it. Bush stepped up pressure on Iraq in January of 2002. This was after many years of a massive run-around effort by Iraq. Iraq finally decides to 'comply' with the UN in September 2002, and even then still has to be forced to give the small amount of cooperation that it gave. Iraq only makes this announcement after meeting with UN officials in March, May and July. Iraq is aware by this time that Bush is not going to tolerate further noncompliance after 9-11. Iraq knows that Bush is going to attack. Yet with this knowledge, they still drag their feet. What happened in those months?

According to former Iraqi General Georges Sada, Saddam had refitted commercial jets transport WMDs from Iraq to Syria in June 2002. These jets were pretending to fly aid to Syrian flood victims. Let me make sure this is loud and clear. Iraq sent aid to Syria. Iraq had been in a humanitarian crisis since the invasion of Kuwait. UN sanctions prevented other countries from providing food and medicine to the poor. I'm sure you all remember the big stink that was made for so many years about how the evil U.S. was killing Iraqi children by not allowing this food and medicine. But Iraq somehow has the ability to send aid to Syria? This flood killed about 20 people and took out a small amount of farmland. Saddam, being the humanitarian we all know, sent aid to this country despite the fact that he could not take care of his own people. Yeah, I buy that. The general talks about this in his book Saddam's Secrets.

The reason Saddam had kicked out inspectors so many times over the years was because he was in fact trying to re-arm his country. Inspectors had a 4 year long absence from 1998 to 2002 which allowed Saddam to build that list that I mentioned earlier. He also used this time to shoot at jets that were inspecting the no fly zones. He used oil money to fund Palestinian suicide bombers and line the pockets of UN officials. After realizing that George Bush was no Bill Clinton, he then stalled just long enough to hide his weapons in Syria in an attempt to make it appear that he was complying. He assumed that this would buy him enough influence to avert an invasion. Hindsight tells us that he assumed wrong.

Hindsight has also told us about Saddam's plans. It has told us that he was using the oil-for-food scandal to buy influence with the UN. After all of the information we now have regarding this scandal, can we safely say that he was not using his cash to influence the inspectors who were there in early 2003? Hindsight tells us that he was building alliances with Palestinian thugs and the terrorist regime of Syria and using funds from smuggled oil to do so. It tells us that he gave safe haven to terrorists like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian national who had ties to Al-Qaeda long before the invasion. While I’m at it, I will also mention that hindsight tells us that the AP reported no less than two separate attacks on our troops that included IEDs created from looted chemical weapons in 2003. Hindsight tells us quite a bit about Saddam's regime, maybe the writers for the Huff should subscribe to the History Channel.

So before you accuse Mitt Romney of stepping in shit or living in a mad, make-believe world, you should try this little thing known as research. You should take a look at the timeline. You should take a look at Saddam’s intentions. Failure to do so makes it appear that you support people like Saddam, former terrorist thug.

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