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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congress Continues to Aid the Enemy

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney's office Wednesday, demanding documents and elevating the confrontation with President Bush over the administration's warrant-free eavesdropping on Americans.

If one were reasonable, one would assume that a group of lawyers would be aware that the interception of communications from foreign locations for the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence is perfectly constitutional. One would assume that these lawyers were aware that these matters have been brought to Federal Courts and the Supreme Court and have been ruled upon.

One would then assume that since these lawyers were aware of this fact that they would stop trying to fight this program, knowing that it is perfectly constitutional and that it is necessary in the War on Terror.

Given that these lawyers are aware that it is Constitutional and that it is necessary to save lives, yet these lawyers continue to fight the program and question it in this fashion, one would have no other choice but to assume that these lawyers are trying to do everything possible to help terrorists succeed in another attack on America.

The Senate subpoenaed the White House because the Senate is full of people who support terrorism. The Senate will not rest until Al-Qaeda has succeeded in another attack upon America.

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