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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Can See the Future!!!!

Now I know why the democrats took back Congress. Their two brave leaders can see the future!!

This is great news.

I know you are confused, so I will explain.

June 13, 2007. Nancy and Harry
sent a letter to President Bush explaining to him that the surge in Iraq was a failure.
"As many had forseen, the escalation has failed to produce the intended results," the two leaders wrote.
"The increase in US forces has had little impact in curbing the violence or fostering political reconciliation.
"It has not enhanced Americas national security. The unsettling reality is that instances of violence against Iraqis remain high and attacks on US forces have increased.
"In fact, the last two months of the war were the deadliest to date for US troops."

Somehow, these two great leaders managed to predict the outcome of a surge that HAD NOT EVEN BEGUN.

I know, you are still confused. I will now waste a huge amount of time by directing your attention to some Lt. General Raymond Odierno, Multi-National Forces, Iraq. Again, this is a huge waste because as we all know, the generals in Iraq have no freaking clue about what is going on in that country.
Pat Dollard posted a video of an interview Lt. Gen. Odierno gave to CNN. Be warned, this idiot general tries to give the impression that US troops are actually winning in Iraq, so his word doesn't mean much. As we all know, the war is lost. Harry Reid predicted this loss long ago and he knows lots more about the Iraq war than those dumb people who are actually fighting in it.

This idiot tells us in the CNN interview that the surge really began June 15th. This means that Harry and Nancy were able to declare the new strategy to be a complete failure a full two days before it began. This is amazing. It is good to know that we have these two people running our country who can tell us that a strategy that has not yet been used is already failing.

I plan on contacting my own elected officials tomorrow to get some stock market predictions.

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