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Monday, June 11, 2007

Message to the GOP -- We Are Not Democrats

This is one reason why my voter card has an "I" for "Independent"
by The New Pundit

To quote John Hawkins, "The GOP seems to be under the impression that conservatives have a duty to support their policies and decisions in office. This is exactly backwards and is the sort of thinking you'd expect from Feudal lords, not from American politicians. Conservatives put these Republicans into office to represent our views and the reason they're not getting a lot of support from the base is because they're doing a very poor job of showing us that they're listening and responding to what we want them to do."

It seems that the Republicans in Congress have mistaken us. They seem to believe that we are in fact Democrats. I can understand the kind of thinking that Hawkins describes above in the circles of people like Pelosi and Reid, but not in the circles of people like McCain and Graham. Let's take a good look at the thought process of the average Democrat. I'll give some examples.

Many Democrats are of the belief that Clinton was the greatest president ever. Ask them why and they spout off things about the economy and that our country was at peace with the rest of the world. They of course don't talk about the fact that Clinton was handed an economy that was already booming, and gave it to Bush Jr. on the brink of recession. They also fail to discuss the fact that Clinton sent out more force deployments than any president since WW2, most of which were abject failures. They also gloss over the fact that much of the strife today took hold while he was in office and was in fact made worse because of the failures of his deployments. That isn't peace.

Democrats believe that Carter was a great president. They forget that he installed the current government in Iran. They forget about the horrible economy that he made worse.

There are numerous examples of democrats holding up their own, while shouting in protest when the other side actually agrees with them. Clinton was the one who suggested putting Social Security funds into the stock market. Clinton was the one who signed the Iraq Liberation Act. When Bush tries to move both of these forward, he is called an oil loving Hitler by the same people who applauded Clinton.

There are many other examples I could give, (
Sandy Berger, William Jefferson) but I want to get to the point. Democrats have a history of doing exactly as they are told. They rarely hold their politicians accountable for their actions, such as a homosexual relationship with an underage page. We have all come to expect this.

But for some reason, it seems that Republicans believe that their supporters are just that, supporters. Hawkins nails them down pretty well. They are under the impression that we are here to give them a rubber stamp. There is no better example than in the current debate over immigration.

Conservatives have been screaming about the problem at the southern border for a long time. As this issue has
cost taxpayers more and more, we have become more and more vocal about our displeasure. Illegal aliens, despite the lie about them doing jobs Americans won't do, are a net loss to our economy. As the number of illegal aliens increases, so increases the unemployment rate and the crime rate within the black community as the illegal aliens take jobs from that community by accepting lower wages. And now we know that they are bringing terrorists with them. We now know that Hugo Chavez is aligned with Iran to bring down the U.S. We know that Al-Qaeda has set up training camps in South American countries to send people through the border. Our voices have become louder and louder as we have more and more reasons to show concern.

Given all of this, how does D.C. decide to handle the lack of law enforcement at our borders? They decide to make new laws. Legislation for legislation's sake. They decided that we need "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." Not only did Republicans jump on board this bandwagon, but it is in fact the Republican President who has led the charge.

I'm going to be frank here. Let me clear my throat. Every single person in Congress who is showing any support whatsoever for the half dead immigration bill that Ted Kennedy and his cohorts put together is in blatant violation of the United States Constitution and needs to be impeached. It is that simple.

Here is my message to the Republicans in Congress. We are not Democrats. We do not support you when you do not support us. When you lie and cheat, we hold you accountable. Apparently you didn't figure this out last year when you made Nancy Pelosi 2nd in line to the President. I know that the Democrats had to lie and cheat to take the majority, but you allowed it to happen when you acted like them. You acted like the Democratic Party and then expected conservative voters to act like Democratic voters. I don't know how it is that you didn't realize how badly you pissed us off. You pissed us off then and you are pissing us off now. STOP PISSING US OFF!!!!! Is this clear yet? If it is not clear yet, we are going to have a Democratic majority for a long while. We are also going to have a Democratic president in a couple of years. Most of the people I know can't afford the taxes and jacked up health care that this will surely bring.

If this does not stop, the Democrats will take over. The really bad news is that when they take over, they will take these same problems and make them worse. That is what they are good at. And the Republican Party politicians will have only themselves to blame.

We are not Democrats.

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