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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Liar, Liar, Your Campaign Is On Fire

In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise, surprise”; Senator Hillary Clinton is caught in a lie. The surprise is not that she was lying about the details of her trip to Bosnia as First Lady in 1996, but the fact that the news media actually exposed it. Although they did sit on the story for nearly 4 months before “discovering” that they had video of her trip that directly contradicted the presidential hopeful’s claims. Clinton claimed that she was prepared for the unexpected decisions that a president must make because of her experience as First Lady. Over the course of the past few months, she has used her trip to Bosnia to attempt to prove that point.

Her version of the events of the Bosnia visit was that the plane that she and her daughter Chelsea were flying on had to “corkscrew in to land” because of sniper fire. Once on the ground they had to run with their heads down to escape the sniper fire. The news footage shows a starkly differently story. It shows Clinton being greeted by an 8 year old girl on the tarmac, strolling over to a vehicle and then finally entering the vehicle to be driven away. The military is also discrediting Clinton’s claims, taking issue that they would ever endanger a First Lady, and especially the child of a President, by flying them into a dangerous situation.

Hillary has admitted that she “misspoke” about the incident and that she remembers being warned of sniper attacks in the area. How does one go from a sniper warning to running for cover with their daughter? Was she confusing the trip with another one where she did have to run and duck? If so, which trip is she speaking of? I believe that she expected that the news media would not bring the truth to light. After all, she has been telling the story for months with no one calling her bluff. During her husband’s tenure in the oval office, the media regaled us with “journalistic” pieces on the merits of lying. The Clinton campaign is realizing that the media love affair with everything Clinton is over.

Senator Barak Obama has also been caught stretching the truth. In the wake of his pastor’s inflammatory sermons controversy, Obama claimed to have never been aware of anything incendiary that Reverend Wright had said. During his speech a few days later, which he tried to shift the focus off of Wright, he said that he was aware of the pastor’s statements and that he could not disavow Wright. He even equated Wright to his own grandmother, claiming that she had made some rather bigoted statements in the past. In a later interview he called his grandmother’s views that of a typical white person. The trouble with Barak’s claims about his grandmother, is that in his own book, Dreams From My Father he paints an entirely different picture of his grandparents. One in which his grandparents were essentially fighting to end racism in their neighborhood. Obama’s campaign has trumpeted that he is the candidate of change and hope, but based on his willingness to say whatever he deems necessary to shift the focus off of the issues, he shows himself to be just another slick politician.


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