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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update on General Petraeus

It seems that if you publicly embarrass this woman enough, you can get her to talk to the most important man in Iraq for an entire half hour. Nancy, the House Speaker, has decided that she will still NOT attend the meeting with General Petraeus this week. She did however cave in to pressure from republicans and give him the honor of a 30 minute phone call. This is interesting coming from the party that wants open door meetings given under oath all the time. What happens when the republicans want to investigate her for treason? How will they be able to use this against her if they don’t have a recording of the phone call? What about e-mails? WHAT ABOUT THE E-MAILS!!!!????? Oh wait, I forget, the democrats are allowed to have privileged conversations. It’s just the republicans who don’t get to do that.

Always a silver lining though, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be attending the meeting. This should go well, I’m certain that he won’t take any type of bias into the meeting. I’m certain that just because he has already declared Iraq a loss, he will still go into the meeting with open ears. (REID: "No, I don't believe him, because it's not happening. All you have to do is look at the facts." When asked if he will believe Gen Petraeus)

Let me be blunt. This pathetic bitch is the House Speaker. She is heading the effort to create a time line for the peace keeping effort in Iraq. But she has to be pressured into giving the commander of the US forces in Iraq 30 entire minutes of one day out of her life? If you are reading this, and you voted democrat last year, thanks.


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