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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ronnie Earle Loses Again

Why would a prosecutor indict someone for something that isn't illegal? Why would he then appeal a judge's decision to toss out the charge? Why is there no public outcry at this obvious breach of civil rights? Oh, it is happening to a Republican. Never mind then

For those who have forgotten the name of Ronnie Earle, he is the prosecutor who took cash from the Democratic Party to drum up false charges against Tom DeLay. You probably forgot all about this since there hasn't been any news about it since the Democrats took his seat from him. Since taking his seat was the only reason for these false charges, there has been no coverage in a while.

Well, long ago, a state district judge threw out one of the charges against DeLay for a really crazy reason. It turns out that this particular 'crime' was not on the law books at the time it may or may not have occurred. Let me make sure that I am clear. DeLay was indicted for a committing an act that was not against the law at the time the act occurred. He committed an act, a year later a law was created against that act. Get it?

Ronnie Earle, Democratic patsy and white collar criminal, managed to talk a Grand Jury into indicting DeLay for something that in fact was not against the law. The judge in the case tossed the charge. So what does Earle do? He appeals the tossing of a non-crime to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

I know exactly what you are thinking. Has Ronnie Earle ever studied law? And that is a good question. It turns out this guy is a prosecutor, so to be honest, I'm guessing he hasn't actually studied law at all. He starts by indicting someone for an act that is not illegal, and then he appeals when a judge realizes that the act isn't illegal and tosses out the charges. Incredible.

Hopefully Tom DeLay's attorneys, who apparently have actually been to law school somewhere in the United States, will take advantage of this. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please remember when you make your decision one very important fact. Ronnie Earle is completely retarded. He proved this once by indicting my client for something that was made illegal after the fact. He proved it a second time when he wasted the time of the appellate court system by trying to have the tossed charges reinstated. The defense rests."

Ronnie Earle and the Democratic controlled Senate have something in common. They both like to pretend that things are illegal.

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  • Let's refresh our memory of all the things Earle has done in this case:
    -Dollars for Dismissals. Tried to shakedown 8 coporations for $1 million a piece to drop their charges. This was not a plea deal it was a shakedown.
    -Earle allows filmakers to follow him around before and after the indictments.
    -Earle was asked to investigate Democrats and he refused. Earle later goes on record saying he wasn't even asked to investigate Democrats even though he wrote an official letter refusing to investigate and the press wrote about his refusal.
    -Earle indicted DeLay on two more charges even after a grand jury handed up a no bill saying they found no evidence to indict.
    -The foreman in the grand jury that indicted DeLay said he didn't even need to look at the evidence becuase he already decided DeLay was guilty.
    -Earle subpeonaed all kinds of personal and financial information from DeLay but Earle refused to show his budget, paid by taxpers, and how much he has spent on this case.

    Read complete chronology at www.politicallycharged.org

    By Anonymous melhop, At June 29, 2007 at 2:40 PM  

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