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Monday, July 16, 2007

carnival of political punditry - July 15, 2007

Welcome to the July 15, 2007 edition of carnival of political punditry.

Sammy Benoit presents Hillary Clinton's Police State posted at YID With LID.

Sammy discusses the attempts by the left to shut down any media that doesn't do as it is told.

Steve M presents Syria invades Lebanon posted at blogolob.

And the MSM was quiet.

artThailand presents Is Censorship Right? posted at artThailand.

This is a good look at what censorship really looks like. We in America take things like this for granted.

Hakim Abdullah presents Why Facebook, Why Now? posted at Hakim Abdullah.

Jon Swift presents Do We Need Another Terrorist Attack? posted at Jon Swift, saying, "Many conservatives are coming to the reluctant conclusion that, regretfully, another terrorist attack may be just what we need right now to wake the country up."

Ashok presents Rethink.: The Unity of Justice and Fraternity: On Lincoln's "Second Inaugural" posted at Rethink., saying, "Thanks so much for hosting this carnival! It's always a pleasure to participate."

vjack presents Atheists in Politics posted at Atheist Revolution, saying, "A new energy is sweeping American atheists, secular humanists, and freethinkers. More of us are coming forward, speaking out, and taking action to preserve our secular democracy. The backlash against years dominated by Christian extremism is underway, and a grassroots movement is starting to emerge. While lacking cohesion or recognized leadership, this atheist wave is finally being noticed by the American media. In fact, some are now recognizing our growing political influence."

Riversider presents Preston Vision Board Split Over Ribble Barrage? posted at Save The Ribble.

Indigo Warrior presents Welcome to my Blogspot posted at Warrior Words.

DWSUWF presents The pussification of the presidency. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, "The historical legacy of Dick Cheney and this administration will be a permanently weaker executive branch, constrained by shackles applied by the judiciary and the legislature, precipitated specifically by and in reaction to the overreach of Dick Cheney."

FitBuff presents How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Twinkies? posted at FitBuff.com's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, "Most people shudder at the word "taxes," so how would you feel if your government imposed a "fat tax"?!"

Sean Hackbarth presents McCain Doesn't Know What Iraq Victory Looks Like -- The American Mind posted at The American Mind.

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