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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can We Do This BEFORE The Democrats Figure It Out?

Bipartisan stupidity. That is the best way to describe the past several years. I am absolutely convinced that our government is in a contest to see which party can become the most hated. Republicans lost control of Congress because they were incredibly stupid. Democrats took power, promising change, only to have Congressional approval ratings at an all time low.

Let's take a look back. I'm not going to go to far back, just to the beginning of the "W" term. When Bush took office, he couldn't wait to have the Kennedy clan over for dinner and a movie and a handover of some of the biggest flaws in the federal government. Teddy started writing and Bush started signing. A government controlled by the party of small government and fiscal conservatism got really big and spent a ton of cash. The republicans allowed massive government expansion, education being one example. As we are all aware, the Constitution clearly leaves public education in the hands of the states. But that didn't stop them. They expanded Medicare and put in place some really great reforms that we wont be able to afford in the very near future. The next president gets to figure out how to go back in time to fix this one.
After 9-11, Bush declared a war against terror to go on the offense and defend this country. Not a bad idea, one that most conservatives support. Well, except for that little not securing the southern border that allows gang members who are on al-Qaeda's pay roll to sneak into our country thing. Ron Paul is a conspiracy nut

Bush took us into Iraq, again, something that most conservatives support. Except for that little issue of not implementing a counter-insurgency strategy years ago which is a large part of the reason we are now fighting an insurgency. Oh, and not take flak jackets from admin clerks and redistributing them to people being shot at on a daily basis. Ron Paul is a loser

While this was all going on, we had Republicans going out of their way to send earmarks to their stockbrokers and bookies. I admit that I am exaggerating on that one, but not by much. We had a nice chap who was on some counter-pedophile committee sending IMs to children, obviously because he was running a covert operation. Speaking of covert, the administration allowed a CIA desk jockey and her hubby to spread one of the biggest lies in the history of the CIA. Of course the administration fought this lie by allowing a prosecutor to continue to investigate and ask questions long after he was well aware of exactly what happened which led the people of the country to think that the administration was hiding something. Ron Paul is a dork

This allowed the Democrats to jump up with their anti-war signs while yelling "Culture of Corruption" at the top of their lungs. Amazing how the corruption they were yelling about was only wrong when it was on the Republican side, but I won't get into the double standard thing just yet. They took power promising to end the war and promising to end corruption.

Then came the day after they regained Congress. They put together an ethics reform bill. And by reform, I mean they made certain that they were in complete control of all corrupt activities by ensuring that only their buddies would be able to slip earmarks past the people of this country. Great reform, making certain that earmarks have to go through a rigorous process of being approved by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi during a secret meeting in a sound proof vault.

They did manage to get a lot done to end the war in Iraq. Harry Reid told us that it was lost, that the generals in charge were incompetent, and then tried his best to make sure our troops couldn't get access to the brand new equipment that Congress was complaining they didn't have, completely ignoring the fact that the reason they didn't have it until now was because it didn't actually exist last year. Was that last one too fast for you? Equipment was developed to help our troops protect themselves from the IEDs we hear so much about. Some of this was so new, that the Pentagon did not have the money to actually purchase it until that bill was signed. That would be the bill that Congress sent to the President that they knew he would veto. The delayed getting them this equipment because they were busy playing politics. Ron Paul Can't Win

But have no fear. Bush knew how to strike back at the Democrats. He knew how to bring them to their knees and make them quake in fear. He had Ted Kennedy draw up an immigration bill that granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, which was in direct conflict with what conservatives were begging the President to do. The President pushed this bill knowing that it had no support amongst voting conservatives. In fact, polls showed that it didn't have the support in the liberal ranks either, who said they wanted border security before any reform bill. The President and the Democratic controlled Congress managed to put all of their efforts into a reform bill that was actually less popular than a war in the Middle East that many Americans thought we were losing at the time. I had no idea that something like this could be done until after it happened. If you are crying or even feeling suicidal at this point, I understand. You may want to cheer yourself up by reading something funny at another blog.

While all of this is happening, the Democrats are orchestrating one catastrophe after another. Did I mention that the majority leader proclaimed that the war was lost and that the generals were incompetent? This was so stupid that it didn't even sit well with people who do want to bring our troops home. Some of the anti-war movement is smart enough to know that you don't say things like this on television because the enemy watches television. So do the troops you are calling incompetent losers.

In their efforts to end the "Culture of Corruption" the tried passing the above mentioned ethics reform which did nothing more than ensure that they were the only ones allowed to pass illegal earmarks. They also launched countless investigations against the administration, the USAG being one of the bigger examples. Doug Patton said it very well in an article over at humanevents. The president should have simply sent Gonzales up to Capital Hill with a single note card on which were written the following words, which he could repeat over and over to every question: "U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president. Next question." That is in fact all he needed to say. This turned into a scandal for two reasons. The Democrats were on a massive fishing expedition. Gonzales, knowing they were going fishing, took the bait. He walked into a trap despite the very obvious signs that said "This is a freaking trap, don't walk in here" that were displayed.

The Democrats also took on another huge issue, domestic spying. Pay no attention to the fact that the use of the word domestic is purely political. Pay no attention to the fact that previous court rulings have declared that the program is in fact a power granted to the President by the Constitution and that this means Congress CANNOT pass a law that takes away that power. Also pay no attention to the fact that the President somehow is too stupid to simply point out this fact to Congress while he flips the middle finger at them. The Democrats took on this issue by passing a law giving the President this authority, which is exactly the opposite of what they said they were going to do. Of course Harry Reid informed us that the bill only passed because the Republicans rubber stamped it like they do everything else for the President. You know, the good ole "Minority Party Rubber Stamp." You might want to read that last sentence twice if you aren't getting my point here. Harry Reid is a moron, that's what I'm saying.

Power in Washington doesn't change because someone inspires people to vote for them by standing up and proclaiming all of the great and wonderful things about this country. Power changes because the people get sick of whoever is in charge for whatever reason. When the Democrats make everyone angry, the Republicans take back Congress. When Bill Clinton's presidency is scared by a sex scandal, his own VP can't get elected. This is pretty much because the people who support the politicians who are screwing up decide to stay home. They are angry, and they protest by not voting, or by voting for a 3rd party scrub with no shot at winning. So what in the world will happen next year when America goes to cast it's vote? After a horrible Congress is replaced by a horrible Congress, which side will have control? After a supposed conservative President expands the government welfare system, will conservatives risk installing another RINO? Look around the left wing blogs and you will find people complaining about the Democratic candidates. Look around the right wing blogs and you will find people complaining about the Republican candidates. As a side note, if you happen upon a Ron Paul forum in your search, you will find that he is the only man who can save America and that he will clearly beat any Democratic candidate because everyone in the country wants him to win and his extremely low poll numbers are the result of the massive corporate-media empire controlled by space aliens who are building a one world government. Other than that, you will find that America is sick and tired of the people in Washington right now.

The much-smarter-than-you-and-I people on television who get paid tons of cash to tell us their opinions and predictions that never come to pass will tell who they think will win and they will give you a zillion reasons why. I am going to make my prediction now. Late next year, tens of millions of Americans will go to the polls to vote for a new President and to vote for some Senators and Representative. Much of this will be done on the new touch screen computers that are of course rigged to give the vote to the Republicans but somehow messed up last year. I predict that the combination of these electronic machines and the frustration of the voters will cause a tear in the space time continuum that will cause our galaxy to implode. And to be honest, this is probably the best outcome for all of us. Conservatives need to figure this whole thing out before the other side does.


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