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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From leatherneck.com

Here is an interesting piece of wisdom from a Marine who served in Iraq.


20 things the liberal trolls have taught me.


20. Being a supporter of an unpopular war makes you a sheep.

19. Copy/Pasting makes one look smart.

18. Growing up in Harlem means you arent a quitter with no heart.

17. As a vet of this war, and current active duty Marine, I know nothing about how much rest is enough even though I have lived it. Doctors have gone to college, and therefore can be trusted to make the politically correct desisions. I am too dumb to know if I am tired.

16. I am supposed to be afraid of jetdawg because he will hand my head over to me. He knows **** because he heard from some one who heard from someone that it sucks in Iraq.

15. Personal experience is no match for what you read on the internet, or what John Stewart talked about last night on the daily show.

14. If you agree with this war you are an idiot. You must have not gone to college. those who agree must report to political re-education camps i.e. any college campus.

13. There is no Al Qaeda in iraq because it doesnt fit the anti war agenda. Never mind that I personally detained High level Al Qaeda operatives while there.

12. Honor Courage and Commitment are optional for former Marines.

11. Marines are not capable of winning against Islamic insurgents.

10. Hazing on par with the Abu Ghraib scandal happens in every squadbays in both MCRDPI nad SD, and on into the fleet, but that is just Marine Corps tradition. When it happens to someone who killed a Marine It is a war crime.

9. Making someone strip naked and play pyramid is on par with the atrocities of the Bataan death march, Dachau and Auschwitz

8. Beheading non combatants is OUR fault.

7. Suicide bombers... OUR fault.

6. Never question the patriotisim of those who give hope to the islamists. Thats not nice. Beligerance is what your first amendment is about.

5. The evil republicans want to continue the war in Iraq to line the pockets of KBR/haliburton despite the fact that they are losing money.

4. Bush is both blundering idiot, and a genius capable of carring out huge conspiracies.

3. Old washed up ****bag Marines here on this site know more about our training and op-tempo than I do because its on the internet.

2. America is evil.

1. There are no EX Marines, only former Marines. But some are much more "FORMER" than others.


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