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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

At Least One Voter Confused on Iraq War Polls

I’m certain that if I asked around, that number would increase after people see the current polls regarding Iraq.

Going to Rasmussen Reports again, it appears that only 32% of America thinks we can win in Iraq, yet 51% say that we should wait until September before making major policy change. September is of course when the Commander in Iraq will give his update to Congress regarding progress against the terrorist who have been murdering Iraqi civilians.

This goes hand in hand with a poll claiming that only 19% consider the troop surge strategy to be a success. Despite this low number, only 43% consider it a failure, with others saying they aren’t certain or that it is too soon to tell.

Interestingly, this reflects views that would go hand in hand with those who only look to the MSM and to Harry Reid for their information. Reid and Pelosi declared in a letter to President Bush that the strategy was failing, but they sent him this letter before the surge actually began.

I imagine that people who are familiar with the many blogs coming from people who are actually in Iraq are more likely to know that the surge has enjoyed a good deal of success. Until the surge began just last month, our troops were not operating under guise of a counter-insurgency. Now they are conducting a counter-insurgency, which is what they should have been doing for a few years now. Saying that the surge is a failure or that it is a success is completely ridiculous at this point. It has shown a great deal of progress despite what the left believes. At the same time, it has not quelled the violence. Keep in mind that we were warned before it began that Al-Qaeda would obviously step up the attacks when troops stepped up the attacks. This was expected.

Despite the rantings of the left, the American people are not dead set on an immediate withdrawal of our troops. These polls show that although many don’t think the war can be won, we should at least wait until General Petraeus gives his update this September. Even the new UN head says to wait. If the report shows progress, more may be inclined to see that the war can be won.

We are tired of war, but we don’t want to hand a victory to Al-Qaeda. I’m not as confused as I led you to believe.


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