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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Liberals Are Opposed to a Free Press

Some scary info from Rasmussen Reports.

Americans are evenly divided as to whether or not the government should “require all radio and television stations to offer equal amounts of conservative and liberal political commentary.” The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 41% favor that proposal and 41% are opposed.

An interesting dynamic of the public debate is that liberals are more supportive of the “Fairness Doctrine” than conservatives. Liberals support the measure by a 51% to 33% margin while conservatives are opposed by a 48% to 40% margin.

The fact that almost half of the people questioned said that they support legislation that shits on the Bill of Rights in this fashion scares me. The fact that it receives more support from liberals than from conservatives is no surprise however.

Looking back into recent history, liberals voiced their support for Hugo Chavez when he sent in his storm troopers to shut down two television stations.

They have no problem allowing Nancy Pelosi to control what we hear on the radio, but they get angry when President Bush taps Al-Qaeda’s cell phones.


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