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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Nightmare On K Street

In the movie “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, Freddy Krueger refuses to die, even though he had been shot, stabbed, and burned. The immigration reform of earlier this year is the real life equivalent of the aforementioned movie. The public rose up against the political machine in early summer to defeat the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation twice in a matter of weeks. The political elites in Washington have become confused at what the people who voted them into power really desire. The politicians believe that we really want and need this illegal immigration amnesty legislation passed. There are a group of Republican and Democratic Senators that are insistent on reviving the defeated reform.

Senators Durbin, Hagel, Lugar, Leahy, Obama, Clinton, Lieberman, Feinstein, Kerry Feingold, Bayh, Menendez, Murray, Cantwell, Boxer, Dodd, and Salazar have sponsored a piece of legislation titled the “Dream Act”. They plan to attach this legislation to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year of 2008 as an amendment. Their plan is to force this through the Senate causing opponents of the amnesty plan to be leery of voting against it for fear of opposing money for our troops.

The Dream Act was originally a product of the mind of Republican Senator Orrin Hatch in 2004. The Act basically allows illegal immigrants to attain legal status if they were brought to the United States prior to age 16 and if they have been here for greater than 5 years. It is hyped as a way for illegal immigrants that graduate form our public schools to be able to attend college as in-state resident and receive in-state tuition rates. One of the biggest problems with this latest amnesty bill is there verification process of when an illegal immigrant actually came to the United States. This legislation is just another way to legalize millions of illegal immigrants without any punishment for breaking our immigration laws.

Once again, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an American issue. Members from both political parties have once again betrayed the public trust. They have decided that even though we made our objections known in June, we really didn’t know what we were fighting against. They believe that they know what we really want on illegal immigration. So much so, that they have decided to slip this legislation into a defense funding bill. They have so much confidence in their position that they don’t want to bring this bill to the floor on it’s own merit. They expect us to sit blindly on the sidelines and not notice their latest attempts to appease a potential voting block of people.

One surprising aspect of this nightmare is that 2 Presidential candidates have signed on to co-sponsor the amendment. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are betting that the voters will either not notice their names on the bill, or won’t care that they blatantly disregard the will of the public. Why would these 2 Democratic frontrunners decide to back an amnesty bill that the vast majority of their supporters do not support?

Even though the politicians seem intent on passing this into law, we cannot forget that we have defeated this before. The Senate tried twice back in June to push this through and we the people stood up and made our voices heard. The reform bill went down to defeat and we can kill it again. The bureaucrats are trying to slowly implement the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. If we stand as one again, this too will go down in defeat.


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