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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's Blame Bush

The raging wildfires in California have shown once again that for every tragedy, there is a way to push the blame onto the shoulders of George W. Bush. The Lieutenant Governor of California, John Garamendi, blamed the President and the War in Iraq for the devastation caused by the fires. He said that the state was not able to respond effectively because of the National Guard being in Iraq. The small detail that Garamendi seems to have forgotten is that out of the 17,000 National Guard troops in California, there are only 2000 on duty in Iraq. The remaining 15,000 are standing by waiting to be called upon.

After the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blamed Bush for spending too much money on the War and not nearly enough for the crumbling infrastructure of the United States. I believe that senator Reid needs some professional help or at the very least some high school civics classes. The Congress passes spending bills, the president just signs them into law. If Senator Reid was so concerned about infrastructure spending, why didn’t he propose more funding for bridges and roads?

After Hurricane Katrina, there was a stampede to the cameras to blame Bush for everything from failing to send in FEMA before the storm hit, to blowing up the levees in the poorest of neighborhoods. On the FEMA issue, the President is bound by law to wait for the request from the states for help from the Federal government. On a side note, the administration was in contact with the city and state officials pressing them before the storm hit to start the process, but the officials balked. I don’t think I need to comment on the outrageous claims made by Louis Farrakhan in the Katrina aftermath.

The events of 9/11 sparked a firestorm of conspiracy theories about who was involved and who was to blame. President Bush was blamed for everything under the sun concerning 9/11. Many still claim that Bush knew about the attacks beforehand and in some cases masterminded the attacks so that he could attack Iraq. I find it amusing that the man that the conspiracy theorists believe is the dumbest man ever born, was able to pull off the biggest cover up in the history of the world. Even though many of the Democratic Congressman accused Bush of knowing beforehand, they still voted to authorize the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Could it be that we live in a culture that promotes passing the blame onto someone else? If you go on a killing spree, it is not your fault. The evil gun manufacturers made you go out and buy the gun and forced you to kill. Better yet, your parents never bought you the G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip so it is their fault. Your neighbor drives an SUV and you accidentally rear end him at a traffic light. Your Prius is totaled so it is your neighbor’s fault for driving an SUV. I believe it is time that the general population in America grows up and start to take responsibility for their own actions. Stop searching for someone to blame in every natural disaster. Grownups realize that sometimes bad things happen and there is no one to blame.


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