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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Two Faces Of Hillary

The expedited campaign season has become quite entertaining, especially when the topic turns to Senator Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton has, for at least the past 7 years, been positioning herself as the media favorite for the presidency. Well, at least CNN’s top pick for the White House in 2008.

Take a short trip down memory lane to the October 30 debate hosted by Tim Russert. Russert posited a simple question of Senator Clinton. His question asked where Clinton stood on the proposal of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer to enable illegal immigrants to legally obtain New York state driver’s licenses. The Senator had a difficult time explaining her stance. So much difficulty that her debate opponents seized the opportunity to point out her hypocrisy of taking both sides of the issue in her brief but confusing answer. Her campaign’s response was to attack Russert for engaging in personal attack questioning. Over the ensuing days she took positions on both sides and even on top of the driver’s licenses issue. Too her credit, she eventually took a definitive stance against issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Her campaign then put out a warning to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Wolf would be wise to refrain from the personal attacks that Tim Russert had launched against the presumptive Democratic nominee. On November 15, CNN televised the debate hosted by Wolf Blitzer. When the hot button issue of driver’s licenses came up, and Clinton’s answer was a simple “No”, there was no follow up questioning her new position.

On November 28, the Republicans held their Youtube debate, which was again broadcast by CNN, but hosted by Anderson Cooper. The format was simple, “independent” voters were to record themselves asking the candidates questions and then submit the video to Youtube for CNN to hand select the questions. Retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr submitted his question and then was contacted by CNN to attend the debate. Kerr’s question was aired and then Cooper turned to Kerr to ask if he was satisfied that his question was answered. Kerr said he was not and then asked follow up questions. The scandal is that the retired Brigadier General is a member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. CNN claims not to have known Kerr was affiliated with any campaign. There was a press release 6 months ago stating Kerr’s affiliation with Clinton. Kerr has been a guest on CNN in years past as an advocate for gay rights. How can a news network fail to check on the credentials of an “independent” voter that they requested he attend the debate? By the way, several other “independent” voters whose questions were hand selected for last night’s debate, have been found to be not so independent.

Senator Clinton has made some wild claims over the past several months. She has claimed that because she spent 8 years in the White House as first lady, that she is best qualified to be President because she has been there before. That seems a bit odd to me. My wife is an artist, so by default I should be an artist as well because I have lived with her for 6 years. Surely I must be able to recreate the works of the Masters. Does Mrs. Clinton believe that the wife of cardiologist is qualified to perform open heart surgery? I am sure she will assert that she was deeply involved in the operations of the country during her husband’s presidency. She claims to have engineered the failed health care reform plan in her husband’s first term. When Obama pointed out that she failed and now she wants to go back and try the same thing again, the former President came out and claimed that Hillary was not really all that involved in the failed health care reform plan.

Hillary Clinton has been on every side of every issue since she started her campaign in 2000. She is clearly Pro-abortion, but depending on which crowd she is talking to, she can switch to a candidate that is working towards the day when no abortions are performed. She has been fiercely supportive of the war on terror, but as soon as the wind changes direction, she transforms into a staunch anti-war critic. She was a huge supporter of NAFTA, which was signed by her husband, but recently she flipped to opposing NAFTA. One thing has remained clear throughout Clinton’s desperate run for the White House, she will always lick her finger and stick it into the air to see which way the wind is blowing before taking a stand on anything.
Senator Hillary Clinton has not proposed any legislation in her 7 years in the Senate that has been passed into law. She claims to have years of experience, but has absolutely nothing to show for it. She is under the false assumption that she has all the same charm that enabled her husband Bill to change positions on issues and extricate himself from sticky situations. She has all the drive and determination to complete a run for the White House, but she lacks a certain aspect that helped her husband 15 years ago. She does not appear as a very likable political figure. Consistently polls have shown that she has around a 50% unlikable rating. I was never a big fan of Bill Clinton, but even I have to admit that he has a very charming personality that enabled him to achieve a great deal of success. Hillary just does not have that type of personality. She can try to become more personable and charming, but the truth will always shine through. Celebrity status will get her attention and a few votes, but as the campaign wears on, and she continues to contradict herself, voters will inevitably see her for who she really is. A motivated, driven women who will do or say anything to make you feel as though she is on your side.


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